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What is ePUAP?

Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP) is a coherent and systematic action program designed and developed to allow public institutions make their electronic services available to the public. The website www.epuap.gov.pl enables defining citizen and businesses service processes, creates channels of access to different systems of public administration and extends the package of public services provided electronically.

The website www.epuap.gov.pl provides citizens, businesses and institutions with a number of services intended to ensure smooth and safe communication between:

  • customer to administrations (C2A),
  • business to administration (B2A),
  • administration to administration (A2A)

Project main objectives:

  • to create a single, secure and electronic access channel to public services for citizens, businesses and public administration,
  • to reduce time and lower the costs of sharing information resources and functionalities of administration domain systems.

Within the project, the following functionalities and services were delivered:

  • Public services catalogue – a method of presenting and describing administration services,
  • ePUAP platform – a web platform designed to provide public services on the Internet,
  • Interoperability portal – a portal for experts working on recommendations for electronic documents and forms used within Polish administration systems to assure the uniformity of IT standards,
  • Central Repository of Electronic Document Models – a database for valid document models and electronic forms.

The ePUAP project was carried out in the years 2005 - 2008 Currently a continuation project ePUAP2 is being carried out with the following objectives:

  • to increase the number of online services available to the public including the registry services,
  • to widen the scale of usage of public electronic services,
  • to integrate subsequent systems of public administration and business on ePUAP portal,
  • to define new processes of customer and business services.

ePUAP2 is a public and administrative project that extends the set of functional services developed during the first edition of the project and is another step in the process of transforming Poland into a modern and citizen-friendly country. The implementation period for the project covers the years 2009 – 2013. Project financing The cost of the project “Construction of electronic Platform of Public Administration Services” - 32 million PLN - was covered in 75% by the funds from the European Regional Development Fund (under the Sector Operational Programme "Supporting Competitiveness of Enterprises for the years 2004 - 2006), while the remaining 25% of the cost was covered by a national co-financing.Funds for the ePUAP2 project were gained from the 7th priority axis of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme and amounts to 140 million PLN (85% of eligible expenses were covered by the European Regional Development Fund, 15% were covered by a national co-financing). The trustee of ePUAP is the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.  

Services available through the ePUAP platform may be accessed at www.epuap.gov.pl.

All administration services are available in Polish only.